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  HNB glass contains so elegant designs indicating the accuracy of machineries for creating such design comparing to the other products in the market such as sandblasted glass.

  Beauty and transparency
  Regarding the process of production and using modern machineries and chemical materials, HNB glass contains a particular beauty and elegance unlike the sandblast glasses which makes it resistant to all kinds of stains even fat stains.


HNB glasses are produced in various 20 designs and 2 models of positive and negative. 

Satina- Zebra- Bonjoogh- Kilim- Zeitoon- Barg- Buket- Senobar- Roz- Atena- Sonbol- Hasir- Pramid- Oxford- Elegant- Volcan- Damela- Guatrikh- Granit- Shale- Marjan - Sarmak- Harmooni- Pirlit - Bambo - Santok- Labirent   
which are used depending on their usage in different places. For example, Zebra design can be used in partitioning.


Depending on the usage, HNB glasses are produces in 2 models of positive and negative.

  Positive mode
This model creates a translucent view with its opaque texture which limits the transparency of it for the viewer.

Negative model
This model has a transparent texture, so the other side of the glass can easily be seen. The surface of this model is designed in 2 ways: sunken design – rippled design.

According to the kind of order and place where the product will be used is produced in different thicknesses (4,6,8,10) mm.

Regarding the usage and different tastes, HNB glasses are produced and applied in different colors such as blue, green and light red.

The other ability of HNB glass is that different design and models can be trans formed to the mirror by using mercury.

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